This is a page about the job status, referee. For more about battling rules and stats, see Role Play Battling Rules. View Gym Leader for more information on becoming an gym leader.

Referees are those who judge Pokemon battles on this wiki. Currently, only Gym Leaders, Elite 4, and the Champion can ref for a battle.


As a ref, it is their responsibility to judge fairly and not be bias toward any particular trainer. If they fail to do this, or they do a poor job, a replacement ref may be requested and enforced.

In their job, they do the following.

  • Judge the outcome of attacks, and determine whether attacks hit or miss
  • Determine the strength of attacks, based on types and weaknesses, as well as the current state of the battle
  • Also determine special situations, wherein the battlefield, for instance, may be altered and can be used to a Pokemons advantage or disadvantage.

Judges are to consider each factor like these in each battle and use it to determine the outcome of battles.