Chapter One:To The Lab!Edit

Damien woke up from the roof of his home. He was starting his Pokémon journey today. His best friend Naruto was turning 10 today.

He had turned 10 the month before. He jumped off his roof and jumped through Naruto's window. His friend Mink, the Pokémon, ran with him.

"Let's go!"

"I'm already awake!"

Damien and Naruto went into Naruto's living room.

"Bye mom!" Yelled Naruto leaving already.

"Bye Mrs.Uzumaki!" Damien yells also.

She only sighs. "Goodbye." She says under her breath, because she knows there is no stopping him now.

Damien peers in his room. "Bye mom!" And he runs off.

The two boys run until they reach Professor Brony's lab. Mink ran with them the whole way. This is where they will meet there Pokémon that he will give to them. The lab was small, but much was done in it. They opened the door. Professor had three pokeballs on the table in the center of the room.

"Oh, there you are." Said the professor. "I thought you would be later, but now will have to do. You have come for your first Pokémon right?"

They both nodded, staring at the pokeblls at the center.

"And I see Damien, you already have one?"

"Well, no sir, he just follows me, we're buddies!"

"Then I'll tell you what, you can have one Damien, and Naruto, you get two."

"Yeah!" They said unanimously.

"Okay Damien, You pick first"

Damien looked wildly at the Pokémon he could choose. Three Pokémon. Sprigit, the Grass Type, Embet, the Fire Type, and Bubbalo, the Water Type.
File:Starter Pokémon.png

Let's see... Damien thought. I already have a water type...I think I want a Fire Type... ok!

"Alright!"Damien said! I choose you Embet!

"Good choice lad!" Said The Professor. "So, Naruto, that means you get Sprigit and Bubbalo!"

"Cool!" Yelled Naruto "I get two Pokémon! Ok, first things first-"

"Wait!" Brony said. "I know what you were going to say. You want to battle. But you can't, not yet. First, I must give you these." He gave the two boys Pokedexs. "These will help you identify the massive selection of pokrmon out there!"

There was a green one, and a red one.

"I want the green one!" Damien exclaimed.

"That means I get red." Naruto said. "Ok, thank you! Now Damien, we battle, and I'm gonna win, BELIEVE IT!"

"Sure you are." Damien said with a grin.

The two friends rushed out of the lab to the towns Pokémon battle field. They had seen so many batles here, and now they will have one.

"Go! Bubbalo!" Naruto said throwing his pokeball.

"Go! Mink!" Damien said. So the battle was started.