Pokemon True Legends is a series of stories that revolve around Merrick, a Riolu, and his partner Damien, a Piplup, as they set off on a journey of truth and adventure. The story is being written by Merrick Reda , and is currently on it's third chapter in the series.


Merrick is the main character of the series, and is the most dedicated to his work. Most of his life was spent assisting Master Reshiram in a land above Earth in order to achieve Guardian rank. In his mission to gather a dark orb from the enemy Zekrom land, though, he ends up getting plummeted to the Earth due to the strength and power Zekrom unleashed.

Damien is Merrick's helper and one of the main characters in the series. While exploring a forest one day, he came across a unconcious Merrick, whom had just fallen many feet from the sky.

Master Reshiram is Merrick's leader who watches him, and is also the guardian of the light orb. He sends Merrick on a short mission to infiltrate Zekrom's home turf in search for the dark orb, but the mission ends unsuccessfully.

Zekrom is the main antagonist of Pokemon True Legends. He has a strong desire for power, and does anything to get what he wants. When Merrick infiltrates his home for the dark orb, he furiously attacks him under the thought that Merrick had the light orb.


  • The story structure is designed similarly to the Pokemon Mystery Dungeon series, but with 5th generation Pokemon