Kululu and his new friend Omega have arrived in Akumila Town, Kululu prepares to fight his first Gym Battle.

Kululu: Lets go Omega!

Omega: Right

Omega and Kululu get off the boat and head to the Akumila Gym.

Kululu: Lets see where we aare going.

Omega and Kululu stare at a map.

Kululu: There is it, this way!

Kululu points to the gym on the map then points in the direction of the gym. Omega and Kululu walk over to the gym.

Kululu: We are finally here!

Omega: Cool!

Omega and Kululu walk into the Akumila Gym.

Stranger: Welcome to the Akumila Gym! My name is Blaze and I am the fire gym leader!

Kululu: I challenge you to a gym battle!

Blaze: A gym battle it is!

Referee: Are both trainers ready?

Kululu: Yes!

Blaze: Always!

Referee: This will be a 1 on 1 battle!

Kululu: ok

Blaze: ok

Referee: Ok then. In....3......2.....1......Begin!

Kululu: Go Pheonoa!

Blaze: Go Randeon!

Kululu checks his pokedex.

Pokedex: Randeon the hard headed Pokémon. Randeon is a fire and rock type Pokémon and are usually found near volcanoes.

Kululu: Ok then, Pheonoa use water cannon, lets finish this in one shot!

Blaze: Randeon use Earth blast!

Pheonoa launches a water cannon at Randeon but randeon defends with a launch of rocks. Both Pokémon take damage from the explosion.

Kululu: Water Tackle!

Blaze: Dodge it!

Randeon tries to dodge but is hit hard by pheonoa's attack and Randeon is knocked backwards.

Kululu: Water tackle once more!

Blaze: Flame Cannon!

Both attacks colide but water tackle was stronger and Randeon was knocked backwards again!

Blaze: No Randeon!!

Kululu: Lets finish this, Water Cannon!

Blaze: Get up Randeon!

Randeon tries to get up but cannot! Randeon is hit hard by the water cannon!

Referee: Randeon is unable to battle, the winner is Kululu and Pheonoa!

Blaze: Return Randeon, you did great.

Kululu: Hurray!!

Omega: Congratulations!

Blaze: Here is the blaze badge, you have earned it.

Blaze hands Kululu the Blaze badge.

Kululu: Thank You! Yay! I got the Blaze Badge!

Blaze: You should go to Mikado City, there you will find the grass Gym Leader. Good Luck!

Kululu: Thanks!

Kululu and Blaze say their farewells and Kululu, excided about winning his first battle head off to his second gym battle in Mikado City with his companion Omega.