Kululu continues on his journey and is now on a boat headed to Akumila Town where is first gym battle will be at.

Kululu: It is a wonderful day today isn't it Pheonoa.

Pheonoa: Phe phe pheon!

Kululu: Well are you ready to fight you first battle?

Pheonoa: Phee phee pheoooonnn!

Stranger: Come back here Unabi, it is time for lunch!

Unabi: uuuunnaaa!

Kululu and Pheonoa turn around to see a boy chasing after his small Pokémon.

Kululu: Hello

Stranger: Oh, hello there.

Kululu: Do you need some help catching you Pokémon?

Stranger: ok

Kululu: Go Pheonoa, after that Pokémon.

Pheonoa chases after Unabi and catches him. Pheonoa hands Unabi to the stranger.

Stranger: Thanks!

Kululu: No Problem.

Stranger: I have not introduced myself properly, my name is Omega, nice to meet you.

Kululu: Well hello Omega, I am Kululu.

Omega: Cool, well welcome aboard the S.S. Omega, my father named the boat after me. Would you like a tour?

Kululu: Sure

Omega: Cool, come on then.

Omega and Kululu walk into the ship to look around.

Kululu: This is a nice ship you got here.

Omega: Thanks! Here is the Pokémon play ground where trainers drop their Pokémon of to play and meet other Pokémon while they go and eat or watch a movie in the Dining Hall.

Kululu: Awesome!

Kululu and Omega continue with their journey through the boat.

Omega: Here is the ships main room, where my father is.

Omega opens the door to his fathers office.

Omega's Father: Hello young sailor, nice to meet you.

Omega: Father I have decided to go on a journey with Kululu.

Kululu: WHAT!?!

Omega's Father: WHAT!?!

Omega: If it is ok with you Kululu.

Kululu: Sure, I would love to have a companion on my journey.

Omega: Awesome!

Omega's Father: Well, ok son, but be careful and enjoy your journey. I will miss you.

The boat docks on the shore. A voice announces "We have arived in Akumila Town!"

Omega: Lets go Kululu!

Kululu: Right!

From here on Kululu and Omega will travel together and Kululu will fight his first gym leader in Akumila Town.


  • Kululu
  • Omega
  • Omega's Father