In a house in a small town in the Uni Region lived a boy and his Pokémon. He wanted to go train so he got up in the morning to go have a great time with his Pokémon.

Chapter 1: Get Going!Edit

Pyie: YAWN! Oh it's morning! Gotta get dressed so we can get going to train in the forest.

Narrator: So Pyie gets dressed and wakes up his Pokémon.

Pyie: WAKE UP SPEAGLE! *shakes speagle*

Speagle: *surprised* SPEEEG!

Pyie: C'mon we have to get going to the forest and don't tell me that you forgot why.

Speagle: Speeg.

Narrator: Pyie and his partner speagle head off into the forest going to train.

Chapter 2: Wild SlugzorEdit

Pyie: Do do do.

Slugzor: SLUUUG!

Pyie: AHHH! Speagle! Wing Spear!

Speagle: SPEAG! *wing spears slugzor*

Slugzor: SLUG! *uses poisionous spit*

Pyie: Speagle dodge and attack with claw scratch!

  • speagle dodges and uses claw scratch*

Slugzor: SLUUUUG! *lands and says firmly* slug! *uses spike stab*

Pyie: Dodge and use loud shriek to finish it off!

  • speagle dodges and attacks with loud shriek and the slugzor faints*

Pyie: Alright Speagle!

  • hears humming and footsteps close by*

Chapter 3: DeltaEdit

Pyie: Hmmmm another trainer... Speagle hurry! Up in that tree!

  • Pyie and Speagle climb a tree while the trainer passes by*

Pyie: *whispering* Ready! Now!

  • Pyie and Speagle jump infront of the trainer surprising him*

Trainer: AHHH!

Pyie: HAHA! You should've seen the look on your face!

Delta: Hmp...

Pyie: Dude get over it.

Delta: Fine. Who are you?

Pyie: I'm Pyie and this is my partner Speagle.

Delta: Cool! *checks pokedex*

Delta: BTW this is my partner Pegasear.

Pyie: Cool Pokémon! I've never seen one of those before! I have to get it on my pokedex! *checks pokedex*

Delta: Anyway, while we're on the subject of Pokémon wanna battle?

Pyie: Sure let's go!

Delta: Alright let's get started!


Narrator: And so Pyie and Delta begin a battle between each other but sadly to say, it will be indroduced in the next exciting part of Poke Journey!

To be Continued...