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Welcome to the world of Uni, where the faces you meet are friendly as well as the Pokemon that inhabit them! There are over 100 Pokemon to discover and befriend, so why not check out out official Uni Pokedex? Be sure to make yourself a profile so you can challenge other users to battles here. And more importantly, have fun!

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Pokemon of the Month

Davy's pokeon

Rockoon is the first combination of dark and rock types. It is the prevolution of Roanda, as well as one of the sneakiest Pokemon due to his tail being able to disguise it's body with a pile of rocks.

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  • Merricktherox

    Time to admit it guys.

    This wikia is dying.

    Yeah, with the majority of the original admins and the creator of this wikia missing, an overall lack of hype, being behind in designing and adding new Pokemon, and few users who continue to visit this wikia, things haven't been looking too hot on here these days.

    As one of the few remaining contributors to this wiki, next to Crobatmaster, I say this wiki …

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  • Merricktherox

    Almost Done

    October 24, 2013 by Merricktherox

    The Uni Pokedex is nearly done, after nearly two years of crafting! Just a few tweaks I'm making to make the Pokedex even better.

    • Adding more electric, flying, and bug types into the dex, mainly because the current Pokedex lacks several of these types, and I want to balance it out even further.
    • Will be adding more Pokemon to the current dex, which might extend past 150. Whoa!
    • Fossil Pokemon will be …
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  • Merricktherox

    Lots of stuff

    January 22, 2013 by Merricktherox

    OK OK...OK, haha, I know, it has been a long time since I designed any new beasts, sue me ^_^;

    I've been caught up in a lot of shcoolwork and such...meh, what a pain. But when I wasn't making new Pokemon, I've been doing other small things you might all appreciate.

    For instance, after I watched the trailer for Pokemon X and Y, I came to the realization that Game Freak will likely never go back to m…

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  • Davyrox

    Uni Pokedex In The Making

    August 10, 2012 by Davyrox

    Hello Trainers,

    In case you haven't noticed, a Pokedex is being formed for our fictional region, the Uni region! What started out as a silly idea turned into this massive project, and I am excited to form a Pokedex together.

    Also, I noticed less people are visiting the wiki, which is a shame because we had many more viewers before. In case your not interested in making the Pokemon, you can still jo…

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  • TidesOfLife

    PokeFan Wiki

    February 3, 2012 by TidesOfLife

    Hello fellow contributors,

    As you may now this is a new wiki, we ask that you have patience with us, while we are making and organizing them.

    If you have any questions,


    Riley Huntley - For templates or advanced questions.

    Kululu12 - For issues and errors on this wiki.

    Omega111 - For editing/registering a pokemon or making a purchase, breeding, or center care.

    Davyrox- For grammar issues.

    (All of…

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