Fire Spirit Wolf by DarkMoon17
Previous Form: None
Evolution: None
Gender: Male
Health: 4000
Energy: 4000
Status: Healthy
Type: "Ultimate Fire" Wolf
Poke Ball

This is a Legend Pokémon made by King Mixoris. It's name fomes from the Greek word piras meaning fire and the Greek word liekis meaning wolf.


Blue Flame ThrowerEdit

It is the same as Flame Thrower but it is blue. Since blue fire is hotter then orange fire it does more damage. Only my Pokémon can generate fire hot enough to be blue so it's the only Pokémon that can do this move.

Fire TossEdit

The fire from my Pokémon rises into the air forming into a fire ball. The fire ball gets so full that it tosses out fire blades then the my Pokémon tosses the ball with its tail at the opponent.