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Morphorm is a normal type Pokemon that is the evolved form of Castform. It was first introduced in the Uni Region.


Morphorm now spouts what appears to be a cloud crown on it's head. It's body structure is also longer, as it's now a full sized cloud. It also has has hands, supported by clouds as well.


Cloudy Day - Changes the weather conditions to cloudy, which decreases the likliness of being able to fly

Puffer - Makes the Pokemon's defense and special defense increase by 2

Weather Ball - Deals 60 damage

Drift - Increases the Pokemon's evasion


Unlike Castform, who's appearance and type changed with the weather, Morphorm's type and appearance never changes. Instead, seperate forms of Morphorm can be captured. Only one of these forms are known, and that is the fiery fire one, which is a permanent fire type.
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Fiery FireEdit

The fiery fire forme can only be found in areas of intense sunlight. Instead of learning Normal type moves, it learns almost exclusively fire type ones.


Regardless of the weather conditions, Morphon can be found fairly commonly in most areas of the Uni region. Every Sunday, you can find a flock of them.