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While any user on PokeFan Battle Wiki can talk, and battle, certain users on chat have access to additional functions to keep the wiki chat running smoothly. These users are called "Gym leaders".

However, all editors are equal, and gym leaders should not be considered as being "in charge." Gym leaders can help resolve discussions, but they are there to uphold good behaviour, not to tell other users what to do.

Gym leaders on the PokeFan Battle Wiki have three purposes:

  • Kickban - Gym leaders have the ability to kick rude, troublesome or spamming users from chat.
  • Referee - Gym leaders as well as Elite 4 members are the only users who can referee a fight officially, users are able to practice in chat but the winner does not receive any points or exp.
  • Solve arguments - Gym leaders are there to help you, if you ever have a question or need help, please do not hesitate to ask.

List of Gym leaders

List of all users with Gym Leader access: Special:ListUsers/Chat_Moderator

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Some gym leaders end up ranking up from Gym Leader to a new rank, such as Crobatmaster, who was appointed a member of the elite four.

Gym Leaders

They are skilled trainers hired from the Champion that specialize in a certain type of Pokémon. Trainers can challenge them in order to obtain a badge, which proves you defeated that particular gym leader. If a trainer can get all of the Badges, they get permission to challenge the Elite 4.

Fire Gym Leader

Burnie is the fire type gym leader. His gym and home is in Obsideon City. He lives in his gym and trains with his Pokémon.

Mixed Gym

Badao is the leader of the mixed gym. The gym is in a place called Akiba. The flame badge doesn't mean he trains with fire but means that he have a burning spirit and you can have it too.

Becoming a Gym Leader

To become a gym leader,

  • Battle often
  • Show you are responsible
  • Edit properly
  • Join chat often

Admins choose gym leaders in chat, do not make a nomination on the requests for adminship page. If you ask to be one you will not be made one, be patient please.