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While any user on PokeFan Battle Wiki can edit articles, upload images and more, certain users on PokeFan Battle Wiki have access to additional functions to keep this wiki running smoothly. These users are called "administrators" or "staff."

However, all editors are equal, and administrators should not be considered as being "in charge." Administrators can help resolve discussions, but they are there to uphold good behaviour, not to tell other users what to do.

Administrators on the PokeFan Battle Wiki are split into three types:

  • Administrators - Additional tools such as deleting pages, protecting pages, blocking users/IPs, editing the wiki's interface & skin. Can help out in disputes or
  • Bureaucrats - The lead-Administrators, responsible for promotions to Administrator. Can make final decisions in a dispute.
  • Wikia Staff/Helpers - Official Wikia staff who have Administrator access on every wiki, but are only here to help and have no authority over the Red Dead Wiki community. However, Wikia Staff may enforce Wikia's Terms of Use.

List of Administrators

List of all users with Administrative access: Special:Listusers/sysop

*** indicates this user is a founder
** indicates this user is a bureaucrat
* indicates this user is an administrator

Kululu12 ***
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150px-4687001 Keroro
Riley Huntley **
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Omega111 **
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150px-4524459 My pokemon trainer sprites by davyrox-d46ybu5 68157-Admin
Crobatmaster *
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Davyrox *
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Elite 4

This is where you battle the best of the best! If you beat the four of us, then you can battle the Champion, Kululu! Be prepared because we are not holding back! I warn you, if you lose to the champion, or any one of us, you have to start from the beginning of the Elite 4.

Omega (4th)

I am the Elite 4's strongest, Omega. My partner is Dragan (soon to be evolved into Drago then Draquaza) If you wish to battle me, you must go through the first three of the Elite 4. After you have beaten the first three, leave a comment and i will battle you as soon as possible. Be prepared, you will be battling in the... Dragon's Castle!

Victini_BW.gifUser:Omega111 Victini_BW.gif 04:33, February 2, 2012 (UTC)

Davyrox (3rd)

I am Merrick, wahaha! I once was a gym leader; a very cool one, too. Now I'm a even cooler guy, as a Elite Four member! My pokemon have cinder block strength and sturdiness that can survive mere water attacks. Think you can stand the rock and roll?

Crobatmaster (2nd)

I am Damien the best elite 4 member to come to if you want some REAL fun! I was once a water gym leader, but now i specialize on water, fire and grass! Be sure to get ready, your gonna be in for a fight.


I am the Champion of this pokemon universe. I will not be beat so easily. My partner is Kuluzar a Dragon type pokemon. If you wish to challenge me go to my Champion room Dragon Champion Stadium. Leave a comment on the page and I will battle you as soon as possible. I will battle trainers in order, first to leave a comment gets to batle first.

Wikia Staff & Helpers

Becoming an administrator

Any user can nominate themselves to become an admin. See Requests For Adminship for more information. Anyone can comment on the nomination, but the final decision is made by a Bureaucrat and the champion. Currently closed.